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Who are we at iPause?

Like many corporate leaders, iPause founders were three players whose rewarding and successful careers had also seen its quota of ups and downs, bad days, bad weeks, and bad months. A couple of years back, we pressed our PAUSE buttons! We set about identifying who we are, our unique dreams, developing new skills to get there, and re-energize ourselves. 

The good news was, our dreams were strongly aligned, though not the same. Yes, it required some courage to reassess, make adjustments, and pursue a course that reflects who we truly are. The challenge was to demonstrate character and leadership in execution. We needed to be patient and take one step at a time! Luckily, each of us had our convictions that there’s nothing anyone can do to prevent us from reaching our potential!!

Today the three of us , Professional Certified Coaches of the International Coaching Federation , have a growing list of happy clients.

How did iPAUSE  happen ?

Potential generally refers to a currently unrealized ability. The key words here are “Currently” and “Un-realized”. How often should be current? Once in your life or once a year or once in what? And, how much is unrealized?  Is it the  gap between the current state of results and a possible future state of results?

These thoughts led to the evolution of iPause! 

As the name implies , the philosophy of iPause is to encourage  and help  people to periodically apply the pause button in the humdrum of their work-life, assess who and where they are , where they  want to  go, reorient  goals and plans , and start executing  with renewed vigor!

What do we do?

At iPause, we partner our clients in climbing a hill, on a journey of Self Awareness. As you keep climbing, you get a deeper view, a more all-round  view of situation, and a wider choice of solutions . Solution-gifts that were hitherto waiting for them to unwrap!

Most  of us leaders and managers do experience the gnawing  feelings of frustration or even regret about the direction of our career sometime in our life.

@ iPause , we will  help you examine the question “Am I reaching my potential?”

This is not the same as asking, “How do I rise to the executive leadership in my company ?” or “How can I be successful in my career?" Or "How can I make more money in faster time”. Rather, it’s about taking a very personal look at how you define success in your heart of hearts and then finding your path to get there. This is about getting to unravel yourself like the peeling of the onion. Getting to know your innate strengths, your goals and your passion  before creating an action plan to realize your full potential .

We are a team of professional coaches , with years of wide and deep experience in both the industry and the coaching domain, who will support you re-discovering yourself.


Corporate - To focus on behavior @work, and believe that change in behavior is after affect of Awareness + Small and consistent changes

Education - We understand the grass root, this needs to build right from childhood, so we work with Schools, Professional Colleges to develop students and teachers, through our unique Awareness Workshops, and Coaching programs.

About Us

B. Tech (Comp. Sc.), MS Software Systems, PCC from ICF

A person who consistently challenges himself and a coach who would gently challenge you to take a hard look around your own reality. He is known for his forthright, honest and curious behavior leading to asking lot of questions, those that one does not think, or are not ready to answer, as the answer would not be of liking.

He spent 1st decade of his life being hardcore technical, before taking on a challenge of people management, when people management started to become routine, he realized that people development is far more challenging. In his 3rd decade he is on the path of people development.

Overall he has 22+ yrs of Engineering delivery experience, few years in L&D and 1300 hrs of coaching experience. In past he has worked with Aricent, GlobalLogic, Hughes, Johnson Controls in Positions of Director Engineering and Director Learning & Development

He is passionate about working with Educationists to bring about some changes which help improve teaching learning practices. His ability to connect and empathize with people, Listening, even when views and opinions are not same, passion for sports are toppings.


Mech. Engg, MS Software Systems, PCC from ICF

Called popularly as MG in the IT industry, he is known for his curiosity, intuitiveness and an infectious habit of enquiry. These traits coupled with his wide experience of 37 years in Government, IT and executive leadership, gives him an enviable ability for broad vision as well as focus on important details. He has extensive coaching and training experience accumulated over his long work career.


He loves to interact with people, and his exquisite self-awareness will infect and inspire you to reflect and be introspective as well. He is creative and is a continuous learner of himself and his experiences, which helps him bring in innovative and customized coaching methodologies. His readiness to challenge status quo contributes to  a valuable  awareness shift in clients


Started as a Mechanical engineer in Indian Railways and exited from the Corporate world as a 6 year standing CIO of Mphasis, a Global IT Services company. Currently he is enjoying every minute of his switch from executive leadership to a professional coach which gives him newer opportunities to support and  help leaders and managers.


While he views coaching as a calling, playing Bridge, strumming his guitar, growing Orchids and his penchant for story-telling are his toppings.

iPause Team
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