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Coaching Culture

Organizational Coaching - Building Coaching Culture

All organizations strive to maximize individual and team potential. The required change in people and team behavior can be effected through a robust and thriving coaching culture.The process of building coaching culture is a continuous cycle and demands quality time. 

People move from Knowing -> Doing -> to Being, a coach.

Knowing – Building knowledge about coaching

First phase of building coaching culture, involves learning about the coaching

process, building internal coaches and increasing awareness about coaching

benefits in organization. We conduct “Coaching Awareness” “Leader as a

Coach” programs help you build internal capability of coaching.

Doing – Coaching sessions & Supervision

This is second phase of building coaching culture, where selected coaches start practicing coaching conversations with people internally, this involves spending 1 X 1 sessions with people. Here the budding coach faces real time coaching scenarios that will help improve their coaching skills. The budding coach will also get mentor coaching hours where they get to course correct, clarify, sharpen the skills and become comfortable with coaching as a process.

Being – Embodied coaching personality

By this phase budding coaches start experiencing coaching as a second nature to them. They get comfortable coaching others and also become open to get coached by others for any situation that they face. Even small coffee, smoke, hall way discussions become deeper conversation with an intent to generate potential to deal with a situation with more self reliance. This creates a positive environment, generating new ideas, resulting in an environemnt of trust and camaraderie.

Our engagement process for building such a culture is as follows;

- Assessing current culture stat of organization across all dimensions denoted in picture:

- Develop solution, Co-creating with the sponsor (scope, schedule) and other stakeholders

- Monitor Execute, track progress and optimize

- Optimize implementation by constant review and update.

Team Coaching
Individual Coaching

Team Coaching

Organizations are most effective when they have a highly effective team accountable for the

success of the business. Aim is to enable teams to take charge of their own destiny

(and performance improvement).

Why Team coaching?

- To improve some specific aspect of team performance

- To make things happen faster (Ex: speeding the process of team formation)

- To make things happen differently

Coaching a team is significantly different than individual coaching because

- Interpersonal relationship of members is at play

- Alignment of team members with common goal

- Systems & Process (internal and external) impacts team

- Most importantly setting a team on continuous learning path 

Key interventions are introduced which may start with

- Defining vision and common purpose of team

- Building emotional connects with purpose and motivation.

- Awareness workshops like Mental Models, Difficult conversation, Giving feedback etc.

- Group Coaching that helps in building trust and collaborative culture.

- Raising collective self-awareness

- Raising collective self-belief


Individual Coaching - 7 Step iPause process

- Best performers get stagnant in a role or next level role is eluding due to personality traits.

- Individual is transitioning into new/different role.

- Individual needs to get prepared for some significant change.

- New hire at Senior leadership position, First 100 days are critical

- Individual personality traits, like aggressiveness, passiveness, procrastination,

    emotional imbalance, negative attitude.

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