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Awareness Workshops

As name suggest these sessions are NOT conventional 'Training'. These sessions are design based on the coaching philosophy which involves reflection to help people become more aware about Self, Situation and Solution.

Self - Being aware about one’s own values, beliefs, emotions and what drives us to do what we do.

Situation - Increased self-awareness helps in clarity and an authentic picture of a given situation. Unclouded by personal filters, an unbiased view emerges. The fog clears.

Solution - The clear and total view of the situation unravels all possible new options hitherto hidden. Thus, empowering you to realize your full potential for making the right choices and taking actions.

Happiness @ Work

Is Happiness at workplace a potential by-product of positive outcomes at work? 


 Is work productivity a byproduct of a Happy Mind at work?

Program Outcomes

Participants will feel empowered in taking charge of their work life through.

  • Cobwebs getting cleared, Clarity in thought

  • Stronger sense of direction and purpose in work, and possibly life

Awareness of the power each has in realizing his/her own levels of happiness at work. Self-authored, Simple and Effective action plans for changed behavior @ work.

Net Results:

The participants will embark on a well-orchestrated journey towards much superior levels of happiness at work and life. The organizations will benefit from the resulting higher productivity in both individuals and teams.

Who to attend?

If below situations represent yourself then you could benefit.

  • I am feeling as if I am about to get burnt out , but cant stop doing what I am doing

  • I am not enjoying my current job the way I used to

  • I have been doing well all these years, but I need a booster to accelerate my growth but I am not able to identify what that booster should be .

  • I do not know what I want from myself. I feel like working only for monthly salary and I don’t like that view

  • I feel I am being swept  and carried by the drift of life and work  events, but I want to take charge of my life

  • I am not happy with certain situations in my work area which is continuously bothering me and impacting my performance . How do I change the situations that are seemingly out of my control ?

Program is designed to be two day workshop that follows up with Coaching sessions for individuals. Program is influences by:

  • The How of Happiness by Sonja Lyubomirsky

  • The Startup of You , by Reid Hoffman

  • Harvard University Study Report on Every Day Emotions

Inside-Out Leadership

Success is Failure turned Inside Out. Dorothy Herman

Program outcome

Empowered employees with an ability to: 

  • Make informed choices instead of getting driven by situation

  • Become more conscious about their own mental models

  • Build better relationships with peers, customer and team members

  • Lead a better life personally and professionally 


Who should attend

If answer to any of the question is yes, this can help

  • are you leading a team, but find some members can not be trusted?

  • do you wish to have more control over aggression?

  • do you usually get driven by situation?

  • do you worry a lot?

  • do you wish to have more control during escalation?

  • do you hear people say "you do not listen"?

Program is designed to be two day workshop that follows up with Coaching sessions for individuals. Program is influenced by:

  • Emotional Intelligence - Daniel Goleman

  • 7 Habits of highly effective people - Stephen Covey

  • Positive Psychology - Martin Seligman

  • Rational emotive behavior therapy -  Albert Ellis

  • Powerful Questioning

Story Telling

“Stories constitute the single most powerful weapon in a leader’s arsenal.”  

-Dr. Howard Gardner, Prof. Harvard Univ. 

Program outcome

Participant will: 

  • Understand importance of story telling

  • Learn Storytelling model, ingredients, and process of story telling.

  • Experience and Practice Story telling

  • Build questions using story telling

Who should attend

  • Teachers and Principals

  • Team leads

  • Sr. Leaders in organization

  • Sales and marketing people

Coaching Awareness

Program outcome

Participant will: 

  • Become aware of "why we do what we do", connect with their own values

  • Understand the Potential & Performance equation & 2x2matrix

  • Understand what is coaching, experience a normal conversation turned into coaching conversation

Who should attend

​If you can relate to following, you can attend

  • I do not understand why people do not get simple things?

  • I find it difficult to have an emotional conversation?

  • We have been training people on so many things but I see very little change.

  • I have heard a lot about coaching in corporate, and it being effective, I just do not know how?

  • How is Coaching different than Mentoring, Counseling or Therapy

  • I am not trained in Coaching, but I have been coaching for so many years, what good will it be?

Program is designed to be half day workshop and is influenced by:

  • NLP basics

  • Coaching for performance - Sir John Whitmore

Inside out leadership
Coaching Awareness
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