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Industry Readiness

Through our interventions we empower students with the armory for

Industry  and Life Readiness.

We focus on all three aspects of learning  –Knowledge, Skills and Values  


Our awareness workshops for students are NOT like conventional 'Training', instead they are designed based on  world renowned professional coaching philosophies and practices that increase awareness in students about Self, Situation and potential Solutions.​


Our workshops are focused and organized as following:

- Increase self awareness

- Mental Models and their impact on Communication

- Emotional Maturity includes connecting with own values, beliefs becoming aware of own emotions, managing these emotions to build social awareness and build better relationships.

- Habits - How they are formed? how they can be changed!

- Building Skills

- Time management skills

- Problem solving skills

- Decision making skills

- Job skills

- Goal setting skills

- Presentation & Public speaking

- Group Discussion skills

- Building Winning Resume

- Interview skills

iPause's very own 20 point personality traits "Baseline Scorecard" (right image) gets any hardworking student with a passion for learning to become self-aware about his/her own traits. Our workshops over a period 8-10 months help them gain these skills. During the time period of the program based on their selection, they get to improve on their own skills and become industry ready and confident enough to face their challengers in the industry, may it be their peers, managers or leaders.

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