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School Development Program

Objective of this program is

- To look at the school as a whole ecosystem,

- Formulate Vision, Mission and Values

- Derive long term and short term goals

- Review operational processes to achieve goals

- Improve staff skills

- Derive lesson plans to take Vision & Values in classes

This happens through the process of 

Discover -> Design -> Delivery.

It involved understanding key parts of whole school viz. Infrastructure, Process, Look &  Feel, Vision, Values, Support Staff, Teachers, Students, Parents, School Management,  Govt. Compliance etc. Then, help Schools build their Long term and Short term goals  inculcate the goals within that ecosystem and make it as one mission for growth and success.


This phase involves building a Design Solution based on the discovery. Design is based on the following key criterion:

 - Desired outcome - which is usually driven from Vision & Values defined for School.  In case

vision is not bought by team members it is suggested to conduct Vision and Value workshop as well.

- People involved - Journey mapping & Empathy maps created during discovery phase proves

to be significant input to understand human capital in the development process.

Solution is designed based on motivation of teachers, driving factor of parents, management

expectation with keeping student learning at center.

- Process - this is another important aspect of school as process in school may get drive by

Govt. policies, Education Board, Infrastructure available, local public mindset. During interviews with Sr. Management in Discovery information on these aspects is gathered to build right solution.

This is an iterative process, design process goes though round of reviews with stakeholders before it finally gets approved. Final design would usually include various elements of Awareness Workshops for different audience, Coaching, Coach training, and/or Consulting.  


This is a phase where actual delivery starts happening, Important activities here involved are:

- Creation of baseline assessment to understand current state (below pic.)

- Conduct interventions designed and approved.

- Have governance meetings so that periodic review of program is regularly conducted.


Often seen that most obvious problem on surface is usually a consequence  of some deeper issues to be solved. Discovery goes through process of

understanding all the stakeholders and their needs. Using Design Thinking  process to build journey mapping of Parents, Students and teachers.

Creating Empathy Maps for Director (right pic.),  Principal and Management of School, Finally come up with one single problem  statement that needs to be addressed. This process helps people involved in discovery to become  more aware of their Desired state, and Current State. Output of this phase feeds into the phase of design.

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