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Look Around You!

Just open one cupboard today and really look at each shelf one after the other. Take all the things out and put them back.

You will be surprised at the various things you may find which you may need at that very same time you have opened the cupboard or had looked for it just a few days or months ago.

When you had a few friends come over just the previous weekend, the discussion topic went to one of those excellent articles that you wanted to share or you were trying to play a song; you were very sure you had kept it along with those books or recorded it in the pendrive, but that has got stashed along with some other bundles of books or paper piles without your knowledge.

You are trying your best to find that vendor's number which you wrote on a piece of paper and kept it in a diary. The diary is right there but the paper is not, because it slipped out of the diary and safely found a place in-between the other papers which you were clearing the other day and stashed it.

Beginning from here, all that we are searching for is with us in some form already.

Here, I’m reminded of a scene from an old movie, two people were talking in the middle of a road and one starts talking ill gossip about someone, so the other guy asks,

“I have a question for you, can you tell me what you have in your pocket?”

He says “what will be there in my pocket, some change and some pieces of paper, that’s all!”

“Can you tell me how much change you have”

He puts his hand in his pocket to check...but other guy stops him

and says" without seeing tell me how much you have"

He says "hows that possible? I can only see and tell how much I have"

To which he quirks "you cant say how much change you have in your own pocket without looking but you are very sure about the gossip that you have about another person! A person should always know what he is and what he has"

While this has a very civic sense to it, something that comes up is, do we know what we have with us, what is around us, have we given enough attention to what we have?

  • You are trying your best to find a new way of making that simple process plan which your boss gave and there amongst your Dad's - Granpa’s old books in the attic you may find even a better plan written by his favorite business authors.

  • You are trying to break your head on that great recipe which you read online, but an old recipe note shared by your favorite aunt maybe right there sandwiched among a few kitchen boxes in the utility with a better flavor idea written there.

  • Consider even things that you might have done, with full commitment you may have brought those dumbbells couple of years ago which is safely wrapped in an old towel in the utility area in the back of the house. While you are looking at that brand new gym ad in the newspaper for a 15000 worth 6-pack regime with the 15% discount on a protein shake!

OK this may not be true with... you, the 'meticulous business leader' or you, the 'health conscious mother' or you the 'OCD daughter' or 'son'. But the situations complement each other for all of you and I’m sure you may have one of the situations true to your way of life. Isn’t it?

So leaving this thought with you today, can you take a minute to 'look around you' and let me know what you discovered today, a person or a thing or a idea that you may have always had but never gave the due attention which could change your life! :)

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